I'm bringing aching back...

2011-07-08 06:14:43 by TylerLandis

Just finished my "Sexy Back" parody, "I'm Bringing MySpace Back." I'm currently up at 6am after working on it all night, and my back is killing me. My workstation isn't what you would call "ergonomic" by any standards. After a day of recording and 3 days of animating (not full days, of course. I have work...), I finally have an animation, and I think I managed to finish it while the subject of Justin Timberlake buying MySpace was still relevant. The art isn't the greatest, but hey, I was rushed...

I've also been developing some characters in my sketchbook. We'll see if they seep into any cartoons...


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2011-07-09 19:34:39

you should take more times into your animating. It lacks a bit because it's notable that you rushed through.

The song was funny however =)